Boy Scouts

Scouting Adventures

Ramseyer Farms has served as the host to many local Boy Scout troops in Northeast Ohio. Boy Scouts and leaders have used our farm to learn important skills and bond together as a group. Furthermore, Ramseyer Farms developed a Boy Scout Maze Adventure for Scouts to learn about the amazing history of Boy Scouts in America.

Badge Opportunities

In the Boy Scout Maze Adventure, scouts can learn how a compass works and use it to find their way to various scouting history markers hidden throughout the maze.

Scouting Heritage
The Boy Scout Maze Adventure challenges Scouts to find their way through our corn maze while learning significant pieces of information about the 100 year history of Boy Scouts.

And There’s More …

In addition to our special Ohio Boy Scout Corn Maze Adventure, we also have other activities for Scouts to enjoy, including:

  • Hayrides
  • Campfires
  • Obstacle course
  • Spud slinger (giant sling shot)
  • Spudway race track
  • Along with all our other fun activities

To help facilitate large group events, Scouts may reserve tents and campfire sites. If you’re interested in hosting a Boy Scout event at our farm call 330-264-0264 or email us today.