Boy Scout Badges

Earn Scout Badges

At Ramseyer Farms, we have been happy to work with Boy Scout troops from across the state in getting their merit badges. Some of the merit badges that we can help Scouts achieve include:


In the Boy Scout Maze Adventure, scouts can learn how a compass works and use it to find their way to various scouting history markers hidden throughout the maze.

Scouting Heritage

The Boy Scout Maze Adventure challenges Scouts to find their way through our corn maze while learning significant pieces of information about the 100 year history of Boy Scouts.

Ramseyer Farms is a fun destination for Scouts of all ages that helps Scouts be active while bonding with their fellow Scouts. To talk to us about arranging a Scouting trip to our farm conveniently located between Columbus and Cleveland, near Canton, please call 330-264-0264 or contact us today.