On festival weekends we offer a variety of food to fulfill your hungry desires. Our festival weekend concessions are listed below. During the week we have vending machines with snacks and drinks that can be purchased. We also sell our homemade kettle corn, S’more kits, and apple cider throughout the week beginning the last week of September.

*Please note most food vendors do not accept credit, but an ATM is available.

The Fry Factory

Fry Factory

Our Fry Factory is ready to serve you delicious fries made from potatoes grown on the farm. It also offers S’more kits and sliced apples with caramel, as well as cider, hot chocolate, and coffee.

*Our Fry Factory is only open on festival weekends

Making kettle corn

Ramseyer's Kettle Corn

Treat yourself to some delicious, fresh kettle corn. It is the perfect snack on a fall day!

*Kettle corn is continually made throughout all of our festival weekends. It is also  available to purchase during the week starting the last week of September.

Omahoma Bob's Barbeque

Omahoma Bob's

You won’t want to miss out on the carefully prepared pulled pork and brisket that Omahoma Bob’s has to offer. They also have baked beans and coleslaw to go along with your barbeque.

*Omahoma Bob’s is only open on festival weekends



Sandali’s offers a variety of concession foods including hamburgers, hotdogs, walking tacos, shredded chicken sandwiches, etc. You will also want to save room for an ice cream cone or flurry.

*Sandali’s is only open on festival weekends

Snack food

Snack Shack

After burning off all kinds of energy you might want to stop at the Snack Shack to fill your hungry stomach. The snack shack offers candy bars, chips, fruit snacks, and other snack items. They also sell cider, pop, and water.

*The Snack Shack is only open on festival weekends

Lerch's Donuts

Lerch's Donuts

Fullfill your sweet tooth’s desire by indulging in the famous donuts from Lerch’s. On warm days you can also try their homemade lemonade.

*Lerch’s Donuts is only open on festival weekends