Founding Dates of Ohio Cities

Founding Dates of Cities in Ohio


  • The student will be able to describe factors that helped influence the location, growth, and development of cities in Ohio.
  • The student will be able to place events in the proper sequence on a timeline and use the timeline to explore cause and effect relationships
  • The student will be able to use computer technology to collect data


  1. Choose a variety of Ohio cities to investigate. (Or use OHIO MAZE cities)
  2. Locate these cities on an early map of Ohio
  3. Allow students to list geographic clues to the reason for each city’s location.  Think about rivers, Indian trails, early roads, east/west, etc.
  4. Next, plot the founding dates of these same Ohio cities on a timeline.
  5. Plot other Ohio events on a second tiered timeline.  These events may include the Greenville Treaty, the Northwest Ordinance, Ohio statehood, and the completion of the first Ohio canal and railroad.
  6. Compare and contrast the earliest cities with those that were founded later.  What factors contribute to the early success of cities?  What is important to the cities that were founded later?
  7. If you have some cities that cannot be explained by settlement patterns, location on rivers and other transportation routes, look for other reasons.  Investigate natural resources, entrepreneurship, and cultural groups.
  8. Finally, go to the US Census website and chart the population of these cities for 2010.  Which cities continued to grow?  Did early founding guarantee continued growth?  What factors are shared by cities that are the largest in 2010?

Assessment: Student will plot city founding dates on a timeline, list influential factors, and collect census data for each city.

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OHIO MAZE Cities Information Sheet

City Founding Dates

1772 Schoenbrunn                            1805 Canton

1788 Marietta                                    1812 Columbus

1788 Cincinnati                                 1812 (Wayne County)

1796 Chillicothe                                1817 Wooster

1796 Cleveland                                  1825 Akron

1796 Dayton                                       1831 Toledo

1797 Youngstown                              1831 North Canton

1798 Zanesville                                  1832 Oberlin


Important Ohio Dates

  • 1796 – Zane’s Trace built in Ohio
  • 1795 – Greenville Treaty – Indians ceded about 2/3 of Ohio to the United States
  • 1787 – Northwest Ordinance of 1787 established government in the Northwest Territory which included Ohio
  • 1803 – Ohio became a state
  • 1832 – Ohio and Erie Canal in operation
  • 1817 – National Road completed to Ohio
  • 1848 – First successful Ohio railroad
  • 1838 – National Road completed across Ohio


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Map of Ohio Canals

Map of Ohio