Corn Mazes

Corn Mazes!

Of all the activities on the farm, getting lost in a corn maze is a favorite fall classic! We have two 8-acre mazes to choose from, so view the options below to decide which challenge you are up for!

The Ohio Maze

Travel through the one and only Ohio corn maze. Although there are 2 miles of trails and 8 acres of corn, it’s hard to get lost in this maze since each road, river, treaty line, etc. is labeled. These 275+ signs also point out interesting facts about Ohio cities, famous Ohioans, Ohio sports figures, Ohio presidents, and more!

The Mystery Maze

A challenging 8-acre corn maze with approximately 2 miles of trails! Each year there is a new theme and a fun game to play as you’re traveling throughout the maze! We recommend guests with younger children try our Mini Maze, as this maze requires lots of walking. Allow 30-60+ minutes.

The Mini Maze

The Mini Maze is a smaller maze within the larger Mystery Maze. You can try out the corn maze and participate in a fun game in a much shorter time frame. This is perfect for those not wanting to take on the challenge of the more involved Mystery Maze, especially families with younger children. Allow 10-15 minutes.