Corn Mazes located in Northeast Ohio near Canton

Navigating the corn mazes can be the central activity in your visit to Ramseyer Farms. Some visitors like to explore both mazes, while others prefer to choose only one. If choosing one, which is the right maze for you? Here’s a handy guide to help you decide.

Ohio Maze

The Ohio corn maze is the one we make every year and is a gigantic map of Ohio with the paths marking historical highways, rivers, and Native American trails. In addition to the fun of navigating, the maze offers the enjoyment of learning numerous fun facts about Ohio geography, people, and history. If your older elementary kids took a field trip to Ramseyer Farms, they likely went through the Ohio maze. Since the entrance and the exit are the same and the roads and rivers are marked it is easier to navigate your way out when you are ready. This maze is ideal for people who:

  • Enjoy a moderate challenge
  • Are interested in Ohio history and geography
  • Like the idea of visiting mini versions of Ohio locations
  • Have children who will enjoy the fun of finding stampers throughout the maze
  • Have limited time for the maze

Mystery Maize

Our Mystery Corn Maize, however, changes annually. Every year we create a new, unique challenge for our dedicated maze-goers. And it is a challenge! The Mystery Maize has numerous winding paths that are designed to get you lost. Don’t worry, though; if you are too lost and can’t get out, you can call our maze rescue hotline for help! The Mystery Maize is good for people who:

  • Enjoy a difficult challenge
  • Have done the Ohio Maze and want to try something harder
  • Do not mind more walking
  • Are not with small children or are prepared to carry them or use a stroller
  • Have adequate time for this challenging maze

Mini Maize

This maze, which is in the same field as the Mystery Maize, gives a little taste of the corn maze without requiring too much time. You can usually navigate through this maze within 10-15 minutes, so we recommend families with younger children start here.

Why Not All Three?

Of course you are welcome to do all of our mazes, if you choose. Many people start with the Ohio Maze, and find it just whets their appetite for mazing, so they go right on to the Mystery Maize. Other folks will do the Ohio Maze, and then split up, with one parent taking the younger kids to some other kid-friendly activities while the other parent goes alone or with the older kids to do the Mystery Maize. The only limits are your time and your inclination for mazing!

To learn more about our incredible corn mazes, please call 330-264-0264 or email Ramseyer Farms, located conveniently near Canton, OH between Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio.

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