Decorating your home, office or church each fall has become a tradition in many families. The use of pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bales, and Indian corn make it easy to provide colorful changes to any decor. To help facilitate annual fall decorating, we have all the supplies you need to make your spaces more festive.

A popular and fun addition to our fall décor has been our Scarecrow Corner. You may purchase already made scarecrows, or make your own, personalized scarecrow. These traditional fall decorations are a wonderful addition to your garden, yard or front porch. When you build a personalized scarecrow, we even include a birth certificate for you to take home with you as you welcome your new fall friend!

Here are some other fall decorating ideas to consider:

  • Cornucopia Basket – This traditional basket is great for decoration inside the home. While traditional cornucopia baskets are still used, you may use any style of basket or plate to arrange a selection of fall vegetables. As always, a cornucopia makes a wonderful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.
  • Fall Leaves – There’s nothing quite as beautiful as leaves changing colors to mark the start of fall! There are unlimited uses for fall leaves which can be pressed and used around a Cornucopia Basket, or even as name tags or coasters.
  • Gourds – Gourds are great for decorating around your home or office. A collection of gourds in various colors make a beautiful fall centerpiece for a dining room table or a table arrangement on a coffee table or side table. When selecting gourds, unique colors and shapes bring more character to your decoration.

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Pumpkin candle holders and fall display
Boy with his scarecrow
Yard decorated for fall
Rock landscapped for fall