Ramseyer Farms is a fifth-generation family owned and operated farm. In 1880, Daniel Ramseyer began farming in Wayne County, Ohio. In the 1920’s, his son, Alvin (A.C.) Ramseyer, expanded the operation to include potatoes. A.C. sold his potatoes to peddlers and grocers in Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Canton. During the late 1930’s and early 1940’s, potato chip companies became interested in Ramseyer potatoes.

Sales gradually changed from a fresh market crop (eating potatoes) to potatoes sold to make chips. Up until 2018, the crop was predominately sold to potato chip plants in PA, OH, and WV.

As of 2018, the 90+ year tradition of raising potatoes has come to a close. Our 720 acre farm now produces more pumpkins, wheat, corn, popcorn, and soybeans. As time goes on, however, our increasing focus is Planting Traditions & Harvesting Memories!

The agritourism portion of the farm began in 2000. As challenges in the potato market increased in the 1990’s, Ramseyer Farms realized the need to diversify in order to keep the family farm alive. Gradually, educational farm tours and corn mazes were added. Each fall, new improvements and activities are added to make Ramseyer Farms an exciting place for families and groups to enjoy the harvest season and spend quality time together.